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Bottle Cap Openers

Anyone who has ever sampled the different choices for bottle cap openers knows there is no substitute for efficiency. Sure, eye-catching designs and novelty shapes earn you a little cachet, but if that tool doesn't get the job done when it's time to toast, you've got a problem. Enter the Bottle Popper, the only bottle cap opener that works as well as it looks.

The mechanism is simplicity itself. Instead of requiring you to pry, pull or force the cap off along some unnecessary vector, the Bottle Popper simply pops down and pulls that cap straight off the bottle. The result is a clean, efficient pop that leaves a bottle still misting with freshness. No danger of flying caps or chipped glass here--the entire device is contained within itself, meaning all the work goes on between safe walls.

Of course the real appeal of this revolutionary product is its customizable artwork. Here at Bottle Poppers, Inc., our pioneering promotion of the original Bottle Popper has earned contracts with a number of college sports teams. Whatever your choice of club, we should be able to find you something that satisfies that deep and abiding love.

The Bottle Popper is fast, consistent and utterly unique. Whether you want to choose from the existing product line or design something all your own, our art team looks forward to answering any questions at Have a more general question? Just call us at and we'll do our best to get you exactly what you're looking for.

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